For pizza lovers, the preference for this specialty boils down to one factor: the difference hand-tossed and pan crusts bring to the table. But what is it about the crusts that lends them an incredibly different texture and flavor? That’s something the professionals at Pizzeria Americana can answer in detail. Serving up an impressive gourmet pizza selection in Rochester and Greece, NY, they share a few distinguishing features of the two crust types.

How Hand-Tossed & Pan Pizza Differ

It’s Not the Dough or Toppings

The contrasting results hand-tossed and pan crusts produce can make anyone believe they employ different recipes. Italian food connoisseurs lay this misconception to rest by using the same yeast-activated dough recipe for both types of crusts. In fact, the main difference between them is how they are rolled out instead of the dough or toppings used.

Pan Crusts

PizzaThick, bread-like pan crusts are what truly make pizza a comfort food for everyone. After kneading, pizzeria workers form a ball-shaped dough and allow it to rise in a covered container. The rested dough is spread out in a deep dish or cast iron pan and cooked for the recommended time. For a crispy exterior, Pizzeria Americana suggests coating the pan with oil before you press the dough.

Hand-Tossed Crusts

Pizza chefs throw the dough around and work it with firm hands to reduce the volume yeast helps it attain. Tossing it meticulously a few times results in a thin, yet sturdy, surface to layer the toppings on. Once baked, this crispy and subtly flavored base helps you savor the cheese, meats, and sauce to the fullest.

To enjoy the best-tasting pizza crusts and toppings, head to Pizzeria Americana. Making a fresh batch of dough daily, the restaurant treats your taste buds with their delicious gourmet pizzas. Learn more about the amazing flavor varieties they offer by calling (585) 227-9913 or visiting their website.