Auto glass can withstand an exceptional amount of force, which makes car windows extremely difficult to break. While this is a helpful safety feature under most circumstances, it can create a challenge if you need to get in or out of a car quickly. To ensure you're prepared for an emergency, consider the following.

What Counts as an Emergency?

If you're in an accident, you may need to break your auto glass to escape. From dents in the door to changes in cabin pressure, several factors can make it nearly impossible to open the door. Recognizing the need for the proper techniques could increase your chances of coming away without any significant injuries.

auto glassYou might also have to break auto glass if an animal is sitting in a hot car with no ventilation. Vehicles become very hot when left out in the sun, which can quickly put an animal at risk. However, while shattering the window is the most effective way to prevent suffocation, call the police before doing so to ensure you're not liable for the resulting damage.

How Do You Break a Car Window?

While auto glass is difficult to break, you can often use items around you to help. If you're stuck inside a car, loosen the headrest from your seat and thrust the metal poles up toward the window. The rods will puncture the auto glass until it shatters, creating an opening for you to crawl through.

If you're outside, a sharp piece of stone or metal should be sufficient. Strike it repeatedly on the surface of the glass, hitting the same spot every time. This motion will create tiny dents in the material and crack the window until it shatters.


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