Cutting keyways, rounding edges, and removing sharp edges are among the many tasks for which professional machinists use corner rounding end mills. These cutting tools differ from drill bits in regards to how they are produced, as well as their ability to cut in any direction. Local machine shops provide these tools to machinists and welders to help them expedite their projects.

3 Corner Rounding End Mill Considerations

1. Pilot Diameter

While larger pilots offer more power and durability that's perfect for cutting through or fusing heavy-duty metal pieces, the machine must operate at a slower rate to complete these tasks. Smaller pilots, in comparison, allow the machine to move faster and make it easy to work with small holes and slots while also virtually eliminating any issues related to tight turns on inside corners.

2. Flared Vs. Unflared

machine shopFlared and unflared mills each offer advantages depending on the project type. If the machinist does not require a complete radius but does want a clean surface finish, a flared corner rounding end mill provides the desired results. Unflared versions create complete radiuses but require more prep time to prevent over-cuts, which occur when there is too much vibration or the tool has not been dialed in properly.

3. Flute Style

Corner rounding end mills come in flute styles numbered 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8, with 2 and 4 flutes used the most. If a machinist is working with non-ferrous or aluminum metals and requires quick chip clearance, a 2 flute will suffice. If the finished project involves harder metals, a 4 flute is best. 3 flutes work for general milling projects while 4, 5, 6, and 8 flutes suffice any time there is a need to reduce chip load. These flutes enhance surface finish so long as the feed rate remains steady.

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