When it comes to materials for a truly eye-catching home remodel, metal is a more popular choice than ever. Architects and decorators understand the dramatic visual impact of using customized metal fabrication for piece design. Now you can explore the secrets of using metal in your home, from creating breathtaking thematic looks to adding accents that spark visual interest.

3 Secrets to Using Metal in Your Home Decor

1. Choose How to Use Metal

Depending on your tastes and goals, you might choose metal to make a bold statement. Whether it’s a staircase, a bed frame, or exposed beams, large metal pieces become the focal point of any room. You may also choose to create grand exteriors anchored by metal decks, balconies, and gates. Of course, you can also deploy metal in a more supporting role. Carry it thematically throughout your decor as a smaller accent in fixtures, cabinet hardware, and room trim.   

2. Select a Consistent Look

metal fabricationOnce you’ve decided to use metal in your remodel, you’ll want to employ it tastefully and consistently. Keep in mind that earthy metals like gold and copper add a warm feel while chrome, steel, and silver radiate understated cool. Contemporary industrial looks often focus on stainless, brushed finishes. Modern spaces sometimes rely on sleek, shiny finishes, like chrome or polished copper. Meanwhile, old-world elegance frequently relies on brass. Of course, hand-hammered wrought iron is right at home in almost any gothic design.

3. Choose the Perfect Finish

Your selection of finishes gives you the freedom and variety of a color palette. Polished metal’s shiny, smooth finish catches light—and attention—in any design. Brushed or satin finishes in metal fabrication come out appearing darker. They’re more subtle than a polish, so they don’t overwhelm, especially when it comes to larger industrial pieces. Finally, an oiled finish gives the impression of age. It’s the darkest, most antique-appealing look.


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