A beautiful lawn doesn’t require hours of work and loads of chemicals. In fact, the lawn care experts at The Lawn Surgeon, the premier landscaping company in Cromwell, Connecticut, say it’s not how much time you spend taking care of your lawn but when and how you do it that matters.

From careful watering to correct mowing, keeping your lawn healthy and visually appealing with less time and effort is achievable if you follow these simple lawn maintenance tips from the landscaping team at The Lawn Surgeon: 

  • lawn maintenanceUse A Sharp Mower Blade: Always make sure your mower blade is sharp for a clean and even look. If you use a dull blade, you’ll shred the grass, leaving it more susceptible to disease.

  • Water Deeply: Instead of a lot of light sprinklings, water your lawn deeply, which helps keep your lawn healthy and lush. The lawn care experts at The Lawn Surgeon recommend making sure your lawn gets about one to two inches of water per week, applied a three- to four-day intervals. Water your lawn in the early morning as opposed to in the evening, as lawns that are wet overnight are more susceptible to disease.

  • Don’t Rake The Clippings: When you mow, take off only the top one-third of the grass. Your target grass length is about three to four inches for cool-climate grasses and one to two inches for warm-climate grasses. After you mow, don’t rake up the clippings. The light layer of clippings on your lawn provides nitrogen your lawn needs and it slows water evaporation, keeping weeds from germinating.

  • Fertilize Your Lawn: For a healthy-looking lawn, fertilize three or four times per season. But the best time to fertilize depends on your location, grass type, weed type, and soil conditions. Check with one of the lawn maintenance experts at The Lawn Surgeon for a recommendation on when to apply weed killers and fertilizers.

  • Aerate Your Lawn: A well-aerated lawn provides grass roots, the oxygen, water, and nutrients they need, as well as space for the grass roots to grow. The best tool for aerating your lawn is a gas-powered aerator.

For more tips on how to maintain a good-looking lawn, call The Lawn Surgeon for a free estimate and consultation. For more information about the lawn maintenance offered, call the best lawn care company in Cromwell at (860) 635-1127 or visit the website.