Barbecue season is over, which means leaves are falling all over your once-lush lawn. Even as the cold creeps in, there are steps you can take to preserve your lawn’s health. With proper lawn care, come springtime, your grass will burst again with verdant life.  

Lawn Care 101: How to Prep Your Yard for Winter 

1. Mow Wisely

Many people make the mistake of over-mowing, which can scorch the lawn and make it even more difficult to survive the winter. In the fall, mow your grass about every two weeks until all the leaves have fallen off the trees. This ensures the leaves don’t suffocate your lawn during the cold months ahead. You will want to maintain a length of about 1.5 inches, which offers optimal protection from fungus growth.

lawn care2. Fertilize

To help your lawn survive the snow and cold, use a fertilizer near fall’s end. A high-quality fertilizer will ensure your grass returns verdant and lush when spring arrives. For best results, choose a winterizer variety, which contains high levels of potassium. Potassium helps grass absorb more nutrients and improves resilience to cold and stressors.

3. Stop Irrigation

Now that the weather has cooled off, you most likely don’t need to water your grass anymore. As long as it hasn’t turned yellow, turn off your sprinklers until spring arrives. After all, you don’t want the water to freeze overnight, which will leave a thick sheet of ice that will stifle your grass. Snow, meanwhile, provides the insulation protecting your grass, so you don’t need to remove it.  


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