In addition to watering, raking, and controlling weeds, lawn mowing is an essential outdoor maintenance task. Hiring a professional lawn care company for regular mowing services can provide several benefits for properties and homeowners. The following guide explains more about the advantages of mowing every week. 

What Are the Perks of Regular Lawn Mowing?

1. Maintain Height

Weekly mowing during peak growing season can keep the grass at the optimal height for healthy growth. For instance, Bermuda grass thrives when kept at the height of about one to three inches. In comparison, Kentucky bluegrass and Fescue varieties should remain between two and three-and-a-half inches to flourish. In addition, a lawn care team can trim length according to recommendations for your yard's specific turf, helping the grass grow strong roots and lush, green blades. 

2. Increase Visual Appeal 

lawn mowing

Routine mowing can keep the grass neat, especially during spring and summer, when blades typically grow rapidly. Mowing services also include edging to remove weeds and errant grass where your lawn meets planting beds, paved surfaces, and the home's perimeter. This advantage can keep outdoor spaces looking tidy, making your property look more attractive from the curb. 

3. Provide Natural Fertilizer 

Professional lawn care companies may use mulching mowers during weekly appointments. These mowers redistribute small pieces of trimmed grass onto the lawn. These clippings gradually decompose and add nutrients to the soil. Regular mowing with this equipment can ensure your grass receives a steady supply of this natural fertilizer, which nourishes roots and promotes blade growth. 

4. Reduce Pests

When lawns become overgrown, they can become attractive places for pests to look for food and build nests. Insects such as white grubs, armyworms, and chinch bugs may feast on the grass's roots and blades, causing thinning, discoloration, and dead patches. Rodents may build tunnels that damage roots and leave unsightly markings on your lawn. Weekly mowing services remove excess length and grass volume, which may reduce pest activity.


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