Spring and fall are the ideal time for fertilizing and aerating your soil, but lawn care duties don’t end in the summer. Keeping your grass lush and green through the summer months, and avoiding those unsightly dry, brown patches, sometimes seems like a constant struggle. Fortunately, a skilled professional will have the tools and expertise to keep your lawn looking beautiful until fall arrives.

Professional Lawn Care Services You’ll Need in the Summer

Mowing & Edging

lawn careLonger grass holds onto moisture better, preventing the roots from drying out and dying. However, you’ll still need regular mowing to keep the turf looking its best. An experienced lawn care pro will know the ideal length for your specific species of grass and possess the equipment they need to get the job done quickly.

Fungus Elimination

During the summer heat, dangerous fungi can quickly spread through your yard, destroying the beautiful lawn you’ve worked so hard to build. Grass is vulnerable to various infections, so turn to a professional for help identifying the type of fungus you’re dealing with; they’ll develop a plan to get rid of it. Calling in a lawn care expert immediately will help minimize the damage.

Weed Control

Your grass isn’t the only thing that grows stronger in the summer. Fertilized soil and plenty of sunlight also promote the growth of weeds, which can quickly overrun your yard. With their expert eye, lawn care professionals can pinpoint and eliminate any unwanted plants, keeping your grass looking fresh and clean.


Whether you’re dealing with a fungal invasion or need some help maintaining your yard this summer, The Lawn Surgeon provides a comprehensive range of services to homeowners throughout the Cromwell, CT, area. You can rely on these lawn care experts to leave no stone unturned and give you the beautiful, lush yard you’ve always wanted. To request a quote, call their offices at (860) 635-1127, or visit their website to learn more about their lawn care services.