Fertilizer is essential for keeping grass and other plants green and healthy. It contains many different types of ingredients, which usually work together to deliver effective results. If your landscaping company fertilizes your soil, you may wonder what materials are inside these products. To help you learn more about your fertilizer, here are a few of the compounds that are typically used for this purpose. 

What Do Different Fertilizers Contain?

1. Organic Matter

Organic fertilizer is made without chemicals and uses natural materials derived from animals or plants. This category includes elements like cow manure and organic compost sourced from decomposing plants or food items. This will provide your garden with essential nutrients released during the breakdown process.

2. Nitrogen

Nitrogen is one of the world’s most abundant elements, and is used by many living organisms. It can be mixed with a variety of other compounds to provide the boost soil needs to support healthy growth. It’s especially popular for growing food crops like rhubarb, Brussels sprouts, and ornamental kale.

3. Phosphorus

fertilizerPhosphorus is an element that can help plants, including grass, convert nutrients from the soil into usable materials. It’s often mixed with both nitrogen and potassium to create a fully balanced fertilizer mixture. Choosing a slow-release blend will deliver portions of this nutrient for several weeks.

4. Potassium

Potassium is another common element found in fertilizer because it helps plants grow faster and resist pests and disease. It’s often applied in areas where plants have trouble growing strong, or where they might require extra protection from outside factors. Starch crops like potatoes also love this ingredient.


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