Mulching helps foster healthier plant growth and minimize the maintenance your garden requires. When spread evenly over the surface of plant beds, it creates a protective layer. It can be made of materials like compost, pine needles, wood chips, ground-up hardwood, pea gravel, or bark. Learn the basics about the benefits of mulch with these frequently asked questions.

FAQ About Using Mulch

What are the advantages of doing this?

Mulch suppresses weed growth by blocking their access to sunlight. It helps shield the soil from sunlight, slowing the evaporation of moisture and moderating temperatures. It even prevents soil compaction, which can make it harder for roots to get the nutrients and oxygen they need to thrive. 

What type of mulch should I use?

mulchingThis depends on many factors, including everything from your geographic area to the quality of the soil in your garden.

Organic options made of compost break down over time and enhance soil health, for instance. On the other hand, hardwood mulches like cypress and cedar repel insects by releasing subtle scents. A lawn care expert will inspect your soil to advise you on which type best suits your needs.

How much do I need?

Before purchasing mulch, determine the square footage of the area you will have it applied to. Do this by multiplying the area's width by its length.

Your professional will probably apply it in a layer that’s about two inches thick. So if they carry bags that hold two cubic feet of product and you need to cover 24 cubic feet, you will need two bags. 

When should mulch be applied?

Use it at least twice a year for the best results. Have a professional apply a layer after your fall fertilization and core aeration is complete to offer temperature control through the winter months.

Have them reapply it in the spring to replace the particles that were displaced by winter winds and storms. This will make way for healthy new growth.


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