Fall lawn care is essential for preserving the appearance of your property. Not only does it prepare the grass for spring growth, but it also reduces the potential for unsightly brown spots. If you’re unsure where to begin, review the following tips to ensure that your home’s grass stays healthy this season.


Have it fertilized.

Even though grass growth slows down during this season, it’s still beneficial to schedule fertilizing services. The additional nutrients will strengthen the roots and prevent them from becoming damaged by the cold. Slow-release products will keep delivering nutrients to the grass throughout the fall. This will give your lawn an extra boost to ensure it comes back thick and green when the temperatures begin to warm up in the spring.

Rake up the leaves.

lawn careLeaves have a tendency to pile up and choke out the grass by blocking access to water and sunlight. Lawn care experts recommend raking them up at least once a week to preserve the integrity of your lawn. This will also keep your front and back yard beautiful and free of pests.


Forget to water the lawn.

It’s important to keep up with your lawn’s watering needs. Grass relies heavily on hydration to make it through dry winters and freezing temperatures. If you’re worried about overwatering, stick to a schedule and install a rain gauge to measure how much it got from a recent rainfall.

Have your grass cut too low.

Roots need a substantial amount of grass growth in order to survive the cold winter months. Otherwise, the lack of height at the top will expose them to the elements and increase the potential for damage. When you have a professional mow your lawn, ask them to leave it at a height of approximately three inches to protect the roots.


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