It can be easy to think of the winter as a time when you no longer have to worry about lawn care. While that may be true once the snow covers the ground, it’s important to prepare your lawn and shrubbery for the coming months. These suggestions will help you safeguard your landscaping so the spring can bring lush and healthy foliage.

4 Lawn Care Tips to Prepare for the Winter

1. Continue Mowing

Don’t cancel your residential landscaping service just because the weather is getting colder. The grass will continue to grow until the ground freezes, and keeping it short will reduce the likelihood of fungus damage. Lawn care will also help reduce the number of leaves, twigs, and other debris caught in the blades, minimizing maintenance once the snow melts.

2. Have the Soil Aerated

You should also have your landscaper aerate the soil, which will improve growth conditions for the roots of your plants and shrubs.

This is best done just before the ground freezes and heavy layers of snow create pressure over the soil. You’ll need this service annually during the fall.

3. Use Mulch Around Perennials Lawn Care

Perennials will return as spring temperatures thaw the ground, but only if you protect them from the cold weather.

The best way to do this is to ask your landscaping company to place layers of mulch around them for insulation. You can also leave any dead leaves littered around the plants to provide added protection.

4. Store Tender Bulbs

Talk to your landscaper about any tender bulbs you may have on your property, including caladium and the calla lily. These plants should be dug up and placed in a warmer storage area. However, the temperatures shouldn’t exceed 45 degrees Fahrenheit. An insulated shed or garage may be the solution.

Your landscaper will likely trim any remaining leaves and even out the soil. You should not rinse the bulbs in water, since the moisture can damage them. Instead, store them in a cardboard box with plenty of ventilation. Use newspaper to keep them from touching each other. 


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