As a business owner, you are responsible for creating a snow maintenance plan that ensures the safety of your employees and customers. This plan should list a reliable commercial landscaper to assist with plowing and the preventative measures that you and your employees take to keep the exterior and interior of your business safe. Here are a few more tips on what to include in your snow maintenance plan.

A Guide to Creating a Snow Management Plan for Your Business

1. Hire a Snow Removal Service

Hiring a snow removal service is the fastest way to have your parking lot business-ready after a storm. Not only does this allow you to be open when others might not be, but it also shows that you care about the well being of your customers. Professionals, like a commercial landscaping company, will have the equipment like plows and shovels, to do any size job more efficiently than your team would be able to. 

2. Don’t Forget the Salt 

Commercial LandscapeSprinkle some de-icing salt on the walkways leading to your front and back doors, especially if you have steps. During the snowy season, keep rock salt or other ice-melt on hand in case of an unexpected freeze.  

3. Check Your Lighting

Even after the snow is cleared, the ground can refreeze overnight. If your business is open after dark, make sure all of your lights are working so your customers can see the ground in front of them and avoid a potential accident. 

4. Keep Walking Areas Clear

Lay down mats at all the doors so people don’t track in snow and ice that will make the floor slippery. If the floor does get wet, place caution signs along pathways with a lot of foot traffic. 


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