The weather may be warming, but there’s still time to start spring with a lush, beautiful lawn. However, you may have to correct damage from the prior season to get your yard in top shape. With professional help and regular lawn care, your grass will thrive during the spring and summer and be better prepared to survive another winter. 

What Causes Winter Lawn Damage?

In winter, snow mold grows, causing your lawn to take on a pink or gray tint. Snow mold will eventually die off, but your lawn will need some care once it’s gone.

lawn careIn addition to affecting the outward appearance of your turf, snow and ice can cause problems for your lawn’s root system. This is especially common in the late months of winter when temperatures alternate between warm, sunny days and cold ones. These weather conditions can lead to crown hydration, where your lawn soaks up water that then freezes, causing the crowns in blades of grass to burst. The crown is where the underground root meets the above-ground shoot.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, your lawn can suffer desiccation when the grass fails to consume enough water. This often happens in cold, arid conditions.

Lastly, animals and insects can cause issues for your grass. For example, small rodents called voles like to burrow under the snow and dig ruts in your lawn as they try to escape the cold. 

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

Most winter lawn problems can be reversed with a little lawn care and professional help. To remedy the damage, a professional may recommend testing your soil to determine its acidity, nutrient content, and other key factors that will affect the growth of your lawn.

In addition to soil testing, you should hire a company to aerate your lawn. Aeration should be part of your yearly lawn care routine since it helps loosen compacted soil, which helps your lawn grow more quickly. 

The last common solution for winter lawn problems is applying a pre-emergent herbicide treatment. This treatment has to be applied right at the beginning of spring to be effective.


It isn’t too late to repair your lawn after winter. The professionals at The Lawn Surgeon LLC in Cromwell, CT, are experienced in getting yards ready for spring. They use methods like fertilization, aeration, and seasonal landscaping to help revitalize your turf. See the current deals they’re offering customers online or speak to a representative at (860) 635-1127.