Winter weather can be tough on your landscaping. As a result, there are a variety of different yard maintenance tasks needed to get your yard ready for spring. Working with a mulching professional to replace old mulch with fresh material offers numerous benefits. Below, learn more about this process—and a few other landscaping chores—to create a beautiful spring yard. 

Why Do You Need Mulching?

Mulch protects landscaping beds. It’s composed of wood chips and organic material and is applied to combat erosion and prevent the growth of weeds. The wood helps retain moisture, so less watering is required during the heat of summer. It also provides insulation, protecting perennial plants from winter temperatures.

mulchingPrecipitation, changing temperatures, and UV ray exposure cause mulch to decay and dissipate. Mulching at the beginning of spring ensures your beds are prepared for prime growing season. It also boosts curb appeal, as a fresh layer will make your beds stand out.

What Other Spring Landscaping Tasks Are Necessary?

March and April are opportune times to work with a lawn care service for spring dethatching, which removes the matted layer of dry, dead plant material at the base of the grass. Extracting this winter buildup ensures that moisture and nutrients can soak into the soil and reach the root systems.

If you didn't schedule core aeration in the fall, early spring is perfect, as soil moisture levels are high. Grass seeding directly after aeration encourages germination, while a fertilizer application helps restore nutrients lost during winter.


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