Commercial landscaping utilizes an assortment of flowers, shrubs, and other plants to spruce up the property and boost curb appeal. The way your office or storefront looks can impact your business’s success, which is why landscaping offers a variety of benefits. Consider the following to determine why your company should upgrade its landscaping.

4 Perks of Commercial Landscaping

1. Highlight Attention to Detail

The exterior of the building can say a lot about the business. For instance, a well-kept lawn will show that you take pride in your work and will go the extra mile to ensure that every detail is in its place. It produces a quality first impression by maintaining a clean-cut appearance and making the property stand out.

2. Attract Customers

Advertising can only go so far when it comes to attracting new customers. Improving aesthetics will also attract passersby and encourage them to stop in. Neat walkways and patterned gardens are a visible display of professionalism and could instill a natural interest in what your business does.

3. Boost Morale

commercial landscapingDecorative landscapes that feature colorful blooms and healthy greenery tend to produce a happier atmosphere. These natural elements can help employees to feel more relaxed and can lift their spirits. Plus, landscaping provides a pleasant outdoor space where workers can ease their minds during a lunchtime walk or afternoon coffee break.

4. Lower Maintenance

Redesigning your landscape can help reduce the amount of work that it requires in the future. With a new lawn, you won’t have to worry about errant weeds or vines. All you’ll need is a weekly mowing and an occasional treatment to keep the property looking fresh.


If you’re thinking about an upgrade, reach out to The Lawn Surgeon LLC of Hartford, CT. They’re a family-owned landscaping company that has been in the business since 1985. Their contractors are fully licensed and insured and utilize state-of-the-art equipment for grass seeding, mulching, and mowing. They work with quality materials and customize their commercial landscaping services to ensure total satisfaction. Call (860) 635-1127 to set up an appointment, or visit their online gallery for examples of their work.