Every home has its set of unique quirks and issues. Although they are often minor and don't cause much concern, problems with the home's foundation require a bit more attention. Damage to the foundation can occur for many reasons, such as soil erosion, excess moisture, or soil shifting. Regardless of the cause, calling for foundation repair as soon as you see the following signs can prevent further damage. 

How to Spot Possible Foundation Damage 

1. Door & Window Problems

One common sign that the foundation has settled is a change to the windows and doors. An uneven foundation can make it hard to open or close them or cause a gap under the doors. You might also notice an increase in your utility bills since uneven doors allow air to escape, forcing your HVAC to work harder. 

Doors and windows that stick aren't always a sign you need foundation repair as humidity, or loose screws or hinges can cause the problem. However, if you have ongoing issues, have the foundation inspected. 

foundation repair

2. Cracks 

Cracks in the interior walls, especially around window and door frames, are usually a sign of a shifting or settled foundation. Cracks may also appear outside, on exterior walls, steps, or the foundation itself. Sometimes, a crack in the foundation or in the crawlspace is due to an issue with the concrete itself, and the foundation hasn't moved. A professional inspection can identify the issue and whether foundation repair is necessary. 

3. Uneven Floors 

It's easy to notice when a floor isn't level, even if there's barely a slant. Furniture might feel wobbly or even appear to lean away from the walls. An uneven or sloping floor may indicate a foundation problem. It may be that one side has settled more, or soil erosion is causing it to shift. Other times, an uneven floor can indicate sagging beams or joists or incorrect flooring installation. Call for an inspection to determine the cause and whether foundation repair or some other fix is needed. 


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