Overhanging tree branches may provide shade and be an attractive feature to your home, but they can also create problems for roofing. It’s important to understand what to do if you’re at risk. Here are common problems homeowners deal with and ways you can avoid them.

How Trees Damage Roofing

1. Pulling Shingles Off

Tree limbs that sweep back and forth in high winds can scrape against the shingles and rip them from the roofing. This leaves the decking below exposed.

Water may then seep in when it rains, which can damage the attic. The water, warmth, and darkness create the ideal conditions for mold, which can cause flu-like reactions in family members.

2. Damaging Gutters

roofingShorter limbs may smack into gutters, and if they’re resting on them, pull them from their holds. Rainwater will then fall freely against the home’s exterior, which can strip the paint.

It may also oversaturate the soil below, damaging landscaping and eroding the home’s foundation. If you notice tree branches that are too close to your gutter system, have them trimmed back.

3. Allowing Pests In

Tree branches make a convenient bridge for pests. They can then nest in the gutters, or, if the shingles have been stripped, inside the attic. All will create problems—squirrels and larger rodents may destroy electrical wires and insulation. They may also leave feces in your attic. Termites will destroy wood, and other pests like cockroaches can introduce diseases into your home.

4. Falling

The greatest risk trees pose is falling through the roof. Heavy limbs can cause significant damage that makes your house temporarily unlivable. You may spend thousands of dollars and months removing the tree and repairing the roofing and areas of your home that experience water damage. If you’re uncertain about the risk a tree poses, contact an arborist to create a plan.


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