A skylight is a window installed in your roofing for the purpose of letting in additional light. Adding one offers a number of benefits that can enhance your comfort and overall enjoyment of your home. Here’s more about the advantages of this feature.

Why You Should Get a Skylight

1. Natural Light

Natural light makes a space feel more open and creates a sense of flow between the indoors and outdoors. A skylight lets in an abundance of natural light from directly overhead.

It will brighten the room and offer fuller and more uniform lighting patterns than a standard window. There are also health benefits to natural light exposure, including stress reduction, improved sleep patterns, and a strengthened immune system.

2. Energy Efficiency

roofingThere are two ways in which a roofing skylight can make your home more energy-efficient. First, the sunlight it lets in each day will warm the home and keep you more comfortable during the winter months, reducing the need to turn on the furnace.

Also, the large quantity of natural light means less use of overhead lights, lamps, and other lighting fixtures, all of which use electricity. As a result, you may see lower heating and electricity bills.

3. Privacy

Over the last several decades, homes have been built closer and closer together. This proximity has made it increasingly difficult to get clear access to natural light, but it's also positioned windowed rooms in one house within plain view of neighboring homes.

A skylight gives you unfettered access to light while providing the privacy that standard windows lack. This is especially helpful in discrete spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms.


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