Drivers know that proper wheel alignment is critical for road safety, fuel efficiency, and component longevity. However, if you notice uneven tire wear, sudden pushing to one side, or an off-center steering wheel, you may have misaligned wheels. Consult the guide below to discover possible reasons why.

What Knocks Out Wheel Alignment?

1. Potholes, Curbs, & Speed Bumps

When you drive over potholes and speed bumps, the wheel and suspension quickly swing back and forth. The jarring motion caused by the impact can throw the wheel alignment off. It's the same when you hit curbs as your turn or run into wheel stops as you park — even if these impacts are minor, repeated occurrences will lead to incorrectly angled wheels.

2. Auto Accidents

Wheel alignment

Vehicle collisions, including fender benders, can also damage wheel alignment and suspension. The impact of an external force disrupts the correct positioning of your tires — the greater the impact, the greater the misalignment. After a collision, consider scheduling a professional to check your vehicle’s alignment, even if there are no visible signs of damage.

3. Vehicle Modifications

Suspension systems are meant to operate within a set height range, so elevating your vehicle's system could result in misaligned wheels. After modifying your vehicle with a lift kit installation, your suspension system might need a tune up from a professional, as it's best to have your wheels realigned before handling and steering become difficult. 

4. Lack of Maintenance

Fair wear and tear are inevitable as your vehicle ages. Worn-out parts, loose ball and socket joints, and cracked rubber components in the suspension and steering must be replaced before they fail. If you’ve been skipping proper auto maintenance, it's likely that your wheels are out of line. Consider scheduling regular auto maintenance to preserve your vehicle's suspension and ensure the longevity of your vehicle.


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