When it comes to home improvement, some projects are more worthwhile than others. Some will improve your quality of life every day and increase your home's value, while others don't make much of a difference. Here are five projects from fencing to kitchen remodeling that you should invest in first.

How to Improve Your Home

1. Privacy Fencing

FencingYour choice of fencing can help create a secure, private property with an upscale look that will increase its curb appeal. It's also easy for your fencing contractor to install a fence without much fuss and without affecting the rest of the home, so it makes a simple, self-contained project.

2. Deck

Similarly, adding a deck to your home's exterior doesn't require you to remodel existing walls and fixtures. It increases the usable area of your home, encourages a refreshing outdoor lifestyle, and gives you the chance to create an inviting, attractive outdoor space that is visible as soon as potential buyers walk up.

3. Second Story

If you do want to take on a more complex project, building a second story is ideal. You can double your square footage, create a beautiful master suite with modern decor and appliances, and repurpose downstairs areas for use as offices, recreation rooms, and home theaters — all features buyers love.

4. Bathroom

This is one of the most functional spaces in the house and also makes it easy to judge the age of the home since bathroom decor trends come and go quickly. Adding a bathroom or updating an existing one makes the entire home more comfortable and modern.

5. Kitchen

The kitchen is an area of the home where homeowners spend a lot of time. To make preparing and eating food as convenient as possible, buyers look for lots of space, storage options, and up-to-date appliances. You should also invest in attractive and durable countertops, as this is one of the first things a buyer will see when walking in.


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