There’s nothing worse than reaching into your dryer expecting warm, dry clothes only to pull out sopping wet clothes. That’s probably the most obvious sign that you need dryer repair. However, there are some more subtle signs that your dryer needs a little maintenance, and making that dryer repair now might save from having to buy a new appliance in the near future.

At Appliance Service Co., the best appliance repair company in Fairbanks, Alaska, the team has more than 55 years of combined experience with everything from refrigerator and stove repair to washer and dryer repair. Family owned and operated, Appliance Service Co. is committed to helping customers save money by fixing their appliances at affordable rates. They’re here with a few signs that your dryer needs repairs.

Strange Noises Are Coming From the Laundry Room

Yes, a functioning dryer does make some noise, especially if there are a few zipper hoodies tumbling around. But if your machine is making unusually loud noises or thumping sounds, then you probably have a loose dryer belt. Don’t wait until the belt breaks to schedule dryer repair.

dryer repairThe Dryer Is Running But Not Spinning

If you notice that the dryer is running but the dryer drum isn’t spinning, that’s another sign you have a problem with the dryer belt. The entire machine isn’t broken; you just need to repair the appliance part and reattach the belt.

Your Clothes Take Forever to Completely Dry

If it used to take 40 minutes for your clothes to dry and now it takes double that, then something’s not right. It could be a broken sensor, an electrical problem, or a broken dryer belt. Call a dryer repair expert who can diagnose the problem and get your dryer back up and running before the entire thing breaks down.

Let the dryer repair experts at Appliance Service Co. make doing laundry a little easier on you by making sure your appliances are in proper working order. For more information about the best appliance repair company in Fairbanks, Alaska, visit the Appliance Service Co. website or call (907) 452-1000.