When used correctly, an irrigation system is the most effective way to care for your lawn and garden. Your sprinklers can keep your plants in beautiful health while saving water, time, and money. Here are a few tips to get these benefits.

How to Preserve Your Irrigation System

1. Design It Right

The design of your irrigation system is imperative, as it will determine how your plants receive water. Water from sprinklers should reach every inch of your lawn to ensure it’s properly watered. An experienced lawn maintenance professional can help you determine your yard’s water needs so you’ll know where to place each element.

2. Know Your Soil Type

Irrigation SystemSoil that is high in clay will take a long time to absorb water, while sandy soil absorbs it quickly, but also loses water quickly. Getting to know your soil type will help you determine how long and how often to water it.

3. Water Early

The best time to water your yard is early in the morning before the day warms up. This way, the water can soak into the ground and be drawn up by the plants instead of evaporating due to the heat. 

4. Wait Between Watering Sessions

Rather than watering your lawn every day, let some time pass. Plants low on water grow deeper roots, making them hardier and healthier overall. Water again when your lawn starts to look a little dull and when walking across the grass leaves clear footprints.

5. Use a Timer

Once you have figured out how often to water your lawn and how much water is needed, you can set a programmable timer to do the job for you. You won’t have to turn the irrigation system on and off manually, saving you time. A timer will also reduce water costs, at the water won’t run for long periods throughout the day. 



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