The wintertime brings snow flurries and low temperatures, as well as shortened daylight hours. During the season, trees and greenery enter a dormant stage to bloom healthy again in the spring. However, it’s common for trees to sustain damage during the cold months. Below are a few ways the winter impacts trees and how a tree service can help.

3 Problems Trees May Face During Winter

1. Brown or Yellowish Leaves

tree servicesSome trees retain their leaves even through the winter. However, the leaves may take on a yellowish or brownish hue as opposed to their normal healthy green. When salt and other snow melting chemicals are distributed, the root system absorbs these agents. The harmful ingredients then cause the tree’s leaves to turn brown or yellow.

To prevent this, make sure not to spread any snow melting agents near the tree. A tree service may prune damaged branches to promote a healthy regrowth during the spring.

2. Frost Cracks

The cold hardens tree bark, which makes it brittle. Any time temperatures lower to freezing levels, it may result in breaks along the tree trunk known as frost cracks. Cracks occur when the tree gets dried out by the frosty air.

To remedy this, hire a tree service to prune your greenery regularly. This way, there will be fewer branches for the tree to disperse water and nutrients to. This leaves more for the trunk so it can fight off frost cracks more effectively. 

3. Drooping or Cracking Branches

When snow and ice accumulate on branches—especially weak ones in older trees—they’ll start to bend and may eventually break under pressure. If your vehicle is parked underneath, it could sustain damage from a fallen branch. Additionally, branches may crack due to diseases.

To prevent fallen branches, consult with a tree service expert to determine whether the tree has diseased portions of if it’s healthy. If it’s diseased, they’ll remove the problematic areas. If it’s healthy, you can simply take a broom and brush off excess snow or ice. 



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