Mulching is a useful and versatile tool for improving your garden. There are many options, from straw and dead leaves to wood chips, cocoa husks, and even gravel in a wide range of colors. Here are some of the main uses for mulch.

Why Choose Mulch?

1. Protect Your Garden

Mulch provides an extra protective barrier between the sun and the soil. It helps trap moisture and keeps plant roots from drying out or getting damaged, improving plant health. Many kinds of mulch, like leaves and wood chips, can even add nutrients back into the soil as they decompose.

2. Minimize Pests

MulchingOptions like cedar chips have natural pest-repelling properties. They keep insects away from your plants, so you're less likely to see stem, leaf, and root damage. They even provide an extra barrier between newly sprouting weeds and sunlight, so weeds often die off before getting past the mulch layer, making it easier to maintain your garden.

3. Decorate

As part of your garden design, you can choose a mulch that is colorful or aromatic. For instance, cedar shavings have an attractive reddish color, and there are many gravel options that can help you define planting beds and enhance your yard's design. Cocoa bean husks add a rich, chocolatey smell to your garden that complements other scents like flowers and grass.



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