The healthiest yards have green, lush grass. The vibrant color alone can improve curb appeal and lend your home a well-maintained appearance. When the blades start to dry out, however, the yard can quickly take on an unhealthy, lackluster look that’s difficult to ignore. Here’s why this happens and what type of preventative lawn maintenance steps to take.

Why Grass Might Dry Out

Dried out grass can develop for several reasons. Recognizing the cause is key to implementing the right type of lawn maintenance techniques to treat the problem.

Often, it’s because the yard is simply dehydrated. Inadequate moisture keeps the grass from thriving. That, coupled with heavy sunlight, can cause the ground to become excessively dry.

Another common culprit is compacted soil. This is likely to be the case if the dryness is limited to a specific part of the lawn, in particular an area where you walk a lot or where the kids or pets play often. When the soil becomes heavily compacted, it prevents moisture from reaching the roots.

How to Prevent Dry Grass

Sykesville, MD lawn maintenanceDon’t despair if your grass doesn’t look its best. Even periods of drought don’t spell the end for your lawn, especially if you take proactive steps as soon as you notice a problem.

If your grass requires moisture, you’ll need to water it more often. Set up a sprinkler system to hydrate the ground at regular intervals. Don’t drown the surface with water, though, as that could overwhelm the roots.

You might need to aerate the soil if it’s compacted. This is a key part of lawn maintenance that you should practice regularly to protect the vitality of your plants, but it may be especially necessary if air and moisture aren’t providing sufficient nourishment to the grass roots. A lawn care service provider can efficiently aerate the ground in a way that’s most effective for helping the grass to thrive.


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