Nothing is more beautiful than a lush, green lawn. It takes proper and regular care to keep grass healthy and strong. Unfortunately, there are culprits that can cause landscaping to dry out and turn brown. Below are some common reasons why lawns dry out and what to do about it. 

Why Does Grass Dry Out?

1. Over-Watering

As the boiling sun reigns during the summer season, you may be tempted to over-water your grass. Excessive watering can actually drown out precious roots. The unhealthy root system can create an environment for weeds, disease, and insect colonies.

All these infiltrators may contribute to your grass drying out. Lawns should typically be watered once a week in the morning or late evening so that the water won’t evaporate under the afternoon sun.

2. Drought Conditions

landscapingWhen extremely hot weather combines with little to no rainfall over an extended period, drought-like conditions occur. The grass in your landscaping may dry out.

In this scenario, a rigid watering schedule is essential. If the area is in the midst of a drought, apply a half-inch of water every two to three weeks to your lawn or one inch every week. The one-inch level is the equivalent of roughly one hour of sprinkler time. 

3. Presence of Disease

Dry or brown grass could indicate a disease. A condition known as brown patch creates large, round circles of dry or dead grass. Another common disease during the summer months is rust disease. Orange or yellowish spores will appear on individual grass blades and is typically the result of improper fertilizer applications and lack of adequate sunlight.

If your grass is unusually dry or has a different appearance, a landscaping professional can recommend customized solutions to nurse your lawn back to health, such as aerating, seeding, and fertilizing.



With proactive and regular care, your lawn’s grass will thrive. Myer’s Lawn Care Services in Sykesville, MD, is your trusted partner for healthy and vibrant landscaping. The team of technicians has the experience, equipment, and lawn maintenance solutions to promote healthy roots, soil, and grass. If you’re having issues with dry or brown grass, call (443) 398-2960 for a free consultation.