Maintaining tree health is a vital part of nurturing a thriving, beautiful yard. Unfortunately, many pests can damage or even kill your trees. Here are the signs to watch out for and what tree services you may need if you think you have an infestation.

Signs of Tree Pests

The signs will vary depending on the type of pest as well as the species of tree. However, the leaves are generally one of the first places that will show distress. If the leaves have small holes with jagged edges, an insect is probably munching on them. If foliage is yellow and dry, you may have mites.

If you see holes drilled into the trunk and bark of your tree, there may be an infestation of larvae from a wood-boring insect. White spots, though they may be mold, could also be scale insects. Wood-boring insects can weaken the tree, causing branches to fall. Scale insects cause wilting, stunted growth, and can even kill the tree.

tree servicesIf your tree has discolored foliage, holes in the leaves, or thinner growth than the previous year, you potentially have tree pests. Additionally, holes in the bark, white spots, or lifting roots are signs it’s time for tree services.

What to Do About Pests

Identifying exactly which pest is bothering your tree is a job best left to the professionals. Contact your preferred arborist for an inspection and advice. They will have the knowledge and resources to treat your pest problem.

To help prevent pests in the first place, make sure to use high-quality, nutritious fertilizer and a regular watering schedule by watering once a week or so. Young trees should be fertilized yearly, and older ones once every two or three years. If your tree requires pruning, be sure to do so at the right times of the year for your specific tree type. Keeping your tree as healthy as possible is key to helping it fight off pests.

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