Hand watering your lawn and garden can lead to high water bills, hours of work each week, and long-term plant problems. Conversely, an irrigation system saves time and money while maintaining a flourishing landscape. Skip the guesswork and hours spent outside by hiring a professional lawn service to install an irrigation system. Here’s how you can benefit from irrigation services. 

What Are the Benefits of Installing an Irrigation System?

1. Increase Property Value

Increase the value of your home with a visually appealing lawn and garden. Irrigation systems operate on a consistent schedule to ensure your lawn is receiving the appropriate amount of water, working to maintain its health and vibrancy. Additionally, the time and money you save can be invested in other remodeling projects to further boost property value.

2. Save Time & Money 

Watering your lawn with a traditional hose can take a significant amount of time and raise your water bill. Irrigation systems save you both time and money because they can be scheduled to use the correct amount of water throughout the year.

Perfect for busy homeowners, elderly homeowners, or those with huge lawns, automatic sprinklers enable convenient programming so that you can focus on other tasks and lower your water bill. You can adjust the schedule as needed depending on the season and lawn care needs.

3. Prevent Weeds & Plant Diseases

irrigation systemIrrigation systems can efficiently target which areas of your landscape will receive water, preventing the growth of weeds, fungi, and plant diseases. When hand watering, problems can arise because you are also directing nutrients to undesirable plants rather than in strategic areas.

By programming your irrigation system to water specific areas, you can rest assured that water will be directed appropriately and prevent a surplus of standing water.

4. Maintain Soil Nutrition 

Overwatering can lead to a loss in soil nutrients due to water runoff or heavy, compacted soil, which restricts plant growth. On the other hand, underwatering can lead to dry soil, which may cause it to erode and lose nutrients. However, an irrigation system carefully distributes the right amount of water so your soil receives adequate moisture and retains valuable nutrients.

5. Help Your Local Environment 

Incorporating a sprinkler system into your lawn care maintenance benefits the environment in a variety of ways. By using features such as timers and sensors, sprinkler systems can regulate the amount of water used and reduce waste. Compared to hand-watering, lawn irrigation systems save water, as well as prevent runoff and soil erosion.


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