Regular maintenance of your kitchen countertop will keep it radiant and functional for a long time. However, part of counter maintenance involves cleaning and sanitizing the surface so that it is bacteria-free and safe for food preparation. Here are a few tips on how to best care for your countertops.


Use the right product for your surface.

Use a cleaner made for your countertop material. Choosing the correct cleaning product for your granite, quartz, laminate, or stone kitchen counters helps prevent scratches and stains. While bleach is a wonderful general cleaner, it can discolor or degrade laminate surfaces. It's tempting to buy low-cost cleaners to save money, but you can wind up ruining your countertop.

Dry your countertop properly.

To avoid streaks and water stains, wipe your kitchen countertops with a dry soft or microfiber cloth as the final step in cleaning. This is especially useful if you're using a mild soap and water solution, which might leave a film if not thoroughly dried. However, remember to rinse your cloth with clean water afterward to avoid spreading dirt about. Additionally, regularly reseal stone or granite countertops that require a sealer to help keep them stain-free.


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Let spills sit too long.

Clean up spills as soon as possible to avoid water damage and the formation of white, crusty deposits on kitchen counters. Allowing a dark beverage such as coffee or wine to pool may cause it to soak into your countertop and leave a permanent stain. The same is true when using soap and water to clean. If you do not thoroughly dry the surface, staining or discoloration may occur, especially on a marble countertop.

Use harsh scouring pads.

If you have dried-on spills, don’t use steel wool or a scouring pad to remove them. They are abrasive on any type of surface and may scratch even the toughest material. Good alternatives are sponges and a soft cloth. Also, the right kind of cleaning agent can often handle stubborn stains, but you should ask your countertop manufacturer for the appropriate product.


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