If you’re going through a divorce, posting updates about your experiences and feelings on social media may seem like second nature. However, it's easy for this type of public or semipublic content to be misconstrued. Social media posts and messages can actually be entered into evidence and used against you to sway the court’s opinion, so it's smart to be careful. Below are a few ways social media can impact the outcome of your divorce case.

3 Reasons to Avoid Social Media Until the Divorce Is Final

1. Negative Comments Can Be Used to Impugn Your Character

Even if your social media accounts are set to private, it’s best to assume that your spouse’s attorney will be able to see your posts and comments. Complaints or jokes you make about your spouse’s behavior can be used by the other side to claim that you’re refusing to cooperate or creating a toxic environment. They may even claim that you’re unfit to raise your children due to negative comments made to your friends on social media.

2. Posts Can Raise Questions About Your Assets


During a divorce, you’re required to submit a complete accounting of all your assets. Social media content can be interpreted to mean that you’re trying to hide assets from the court.

For instance, pictures of expensive restaurants or vacations can be used to argue that you have more money than you stated in your financial disclosure. Even if someone else paid for your meal or weekend getaway, it’s best to avoid posting anything to social media until after your divorce.

3. Your Activity Can Influence Child Custody Decisions

Child custody disputes are often the most contentious aspect of a divorce. Your spouse’s attorney may comb through your social media feeds, looking for evidence that can be used against you.

Pictures from a friend’s birthday party can be used to imply that you have a drinking problem even when you don't. Your spouse may also use joking comments or even images posted by friends to show that you’re an unfit parent. Almost anything can be misinterpreted by a skilled attorney, so it’s best to simply deactivate your accounts until the conclusion of your case.


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