In an attempt to get rid of rodents, insects, and weeds, some homeowners inadvertently expose their pets to toxic pesticides, which can make animals sick when ingested. In severe cases, your furry family member might need to have emergency medical intervention or undergo a pet quarantine. However, there are ways to keep them safe from pesticides you use in and around your home.

3 Ways to Keep Pet Safe From Pesticides

1. Remove Pets From the Area

Remove your pets from the area before you apply pesticides or fertilizers. Organize a pet quarantine with your vet to ensure their safety. Dogs and cats should stay clear of the affected area until it’s completely dry and fumes from the pesticide have dissipated. Make sure to cover cages and tanks for birds and fish to prevent vapors or liquids from entering their living spaces.

2. Don’t Spray Toxins Near Pets

pet quarantineNever spray or use pesticides near your pet’s sleeping area, chew toys, and water and food bowls. Even small amounts could lead to vomiting, diarrhea, or seizures. Minimize risks by removing all of your pet’s possessions from the area.

3. Always Keep Pesticides in Original Containers

Avoid a visit to the vet or a pet quarantine by keeping all pesticides and fertilizers in their original packaging. Transferring them from one container to another could lead to leaks and spills, especially if the lid or cover isn’t secure. You can also lose vital information that's printed on the original packaging, like proper use and storage. Some labels give information on poisoning symptoms as well as specific instructions on what to do when toxins are ingested.


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