While cesarean sections are sometimes unplanned, in many cases they are scheduled in advance. If your obstetrics team has indicated you’ll need to deliver via C-section, this provides you the opportunity to put plans in place in advance. The following practical tips can help to facilitate a smooth procedure and recovery, ultimately allowing you to enjoy your newborn with peace of mind.

A Guide to Getting Ready for Your Upcoming C-Section

What to Pack

Expectant mothers should pack identification documents—either a license or passport—and insurance information, along with toiletries, clothing, a nursing bra, phone and charger, and a homecoming outfit for the baby. In addition to these hospital bag basics, many women who are preparing for C-sections pack extra changes of clothing, as their obstetrics team will need to monitor them longer than they would a natural birth. Some also choose to bring cranberry juice, which reduces the risk of infection after catheterization.

How to Prepare for the Procedure

The night before your procedure, you will not be permitted to drink or eat after midnight, including water. You can brush your teeth, however, and shower before arrival. Leave any valuables at home, and arrive at the time recommended by your obstetrics team. If possible, bring completed pre-registration forms in advance to streamline the hospital’s admissions process.

obstetricsYou will then change into a hospital gown, have an IV line inserted, and have the surgical site prepared. Your doctor and anesthesiologist will check in to answer any questions you may have before beginning the procedure. During the procedure, your vitals will be monitored, and once complete, a team will take care of your baby before handing them to you.

What to Have in Place for Recovery

As you recover, you’ll have the opportunity to bond with your baby in a designated room. You will likely be sent home by the third or fourth day to recover. If you have a prescription for pain medication, fill it even if you feel fine upon being released, as discomfort could set in later. It’s important to rest, eat healthily, and avoid lifting anything heavier than your baby as your body heals. Having someone available to help such as a parent, spouse, or nanny can be beneficial. Keep supplies like diapers within close range so you don’t have to travel far to get them. 



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