Although menstruation is completely natural, many people feel uncomfortable talking about it. However, if you have a daughter who’s nearing puberty, it’s important to prepare her for her first period with open, educational conversations. Make those discussions more effective and less scary by following these three gynecologist-recommended tips. 

3 Tips to Talk to Your Daughter About Her First Period

1. Have a Series of Conversations

Planning one big discussion about menstruation can be overwhelming for both you and your daughter. Instead, try having a series of more casual conversations. For instance, you could start by briefly mentioning periods so your daughter knows they’re an acceptable topic. Then, begin bringing them up more frequently and discussing more information about them. Take advantage of moments where the subject might arise naturally, such as when the two of you see a commercial for menstrual products or a period-related social media campaign. 

2. Be Relatable 

gynecologistIf you feel comfortable, try sharing some of your own experiences with periods, especially your first periods, to help your daughter feel less alone. Stick with stories that have positive endings so she doesn’t become anxious about experiencing something unpleasant. The two of you could also watch videos or read books where girls and women share their own period stories.

3. Remind Her That It’s Natural 

Your daughter has probably heard some myths about periods that make them seem shameful and frightening. Along with discussing menstruation facts, such as the biology behind periods and the physical and emotional changes they can cause, ease your daughter’s anxiety by reminding her that periods are natural and nothing to be ashamed of.



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