Being in a pedestrian auto accident can have many upsetting consequences. Not only can they result in bodily harm, but they could also lead to overwhelming medical bills. If you have been struck by a vehicle and feel you deserve compensation, below are some crucial steps to take.

What to Do After a Pedestrian Auto Accident

1. Seek Medical Care

The first step is to have your injuries cared for. You should seek medical help even if you do not feel hurt. You could suffer from internal injuries or spinal problems that don't surface immediately but are nevertheless serious. 

2. Document the Injuries

auto accidents in Roanoke, VATake photos of your injuries that depict their seriousness. Keep a journal in which you describe any difficulties walking, sleeping, eating, or other challenges.

Describe the frequency and severity of any pain you experience. You should also keep track of any lost income due to missing work and all relevant medical expenses, including the cost of office visits, tests, pharmaceuticals, and any other medical devices.

3. Speak With an Experienced Auto Accident Lawyer

Having the expertise of a skilled personal injury attorney offers you the best shot of recovering medical expenses and receiving compensation for your pain and suffering. Look for a lawyer who has been in practice for several years and who has been successful at recovering judgments or settlements for injured clients.


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