Driving at night can be extremely dangerous. It’s estimated that car accident fatalities are three times higher at night compared to those that occur during the day. Fortunately, there are many steps that motorists can take to protect themselves and others on the road. If you get behind the wheel after the sun has set, here are a few tips to enhance your safety.

How to Boost Your Safety When Driving at Night

1. Check Your Eyes

As people age, their eyes might have a harder time seeing clearly at night. These individuals will often need to wear prescription lenses while driving.

To assess your vision needs, receive a professional eye exam. If you are told you need to wear corrective lenses, make sure to choose an option that is easy and comfortable for you. Glasses that hurt or need to be adjusted constantly can distract from your driving.

2. Dim Your Dash

Although dashboard lights can provide important details for drivers, they can often be distracting if they are too bright. To ensure that your eyes stay focused on the road, dim these lights to a safer and more comfortable level.

3. Get Enough Sleep

car accidentAfter long days and minimal sleep, getting behind the wheel at night can lead to drowsy driving. Similar to driving drunk, operating a vehicle without enough sleep can result in poor perception and slow reaction times — both of which can increase the risk of a car accident.

To prevent these dangers, make it a habit to get at least seven hours of quality sleep each night. If you feel tired before hitting the road, consider asking someone else for a ride or take a nap if possible.  

4. Use Fog Lights When Necessary  

Fog lights help make the road more visible by brightening the area that’s closest to the ground. They can also be incredibly helpful if you’re driving in a low-lit area. By projecting light at a low angle, you’ll have an easier time seeing potential hazards.

5. Clean Your Mirrors & Windshield

Fingerprints, streaks, and other dirty spots on windshields and mirrors can lead to glare problems at night — especially when you’re facing bright lights. Clean these glass surfaces regularly. To remove hidden streaks that may not show up in the daytime, wipe the surface with a sheet of newspaper.


While there are many steps you can follow to be a safer driver at night, you can’t always count on other motorists to take the same precautions. If one of these drivers causes a car accident that injures you, Crandall & Katt, Attorneys at Law can help you seek compensation for related medical care, lost wages, and other damages. Specializing in personal injury and auto accident matters, these Roanoke, VA, attorneys will review the details of your collision to prepare a strong case and demonstrate your claim. Visit these lawyers online to learn more about their reliable representation or call (540) 342-2000 to set up a free consultation.