The first trip to the guitar shop is an exciting one, and you’ll discover countless models to choose from. It can be a little overwhelming when buying a guitar for your child, but you can make the process easier by looking for several essential qualities. The following are a few features that every student guitar should have to ensure kids have an easier time getting started.

What to Look for in a Student Guitar

1. Acoustic vs. Electric

First, ask your child what style of music they want to play. Electric guitars can create clean, bright sounds for blues and jazz or heavy, distorted tones for rock music. Acoustic guitars are more straightforward because you don’t need an amplifier. Simply pick it up and play anywhere. They’re favorites for classical guitar, folk, country, and bluegrass.

2. Comfortable Size


An oversized guitar may be too bulky for your child to play, which is why manufacturers create several sizes. As a rule of thumb, students aged four to six should choose a quarter-sized guitar. Students five through eight do best with a half-sized version, and those eight to eleven can comfortably hold a three-quarter-sized model. These will be clearly labeled at the music shop. For complete assurance, however, bring your child along so that they can hold the instrument. See that they can reach over the body to strum and can easily touch all the frets on the neck. This guarantees that the size won’t prevent them from learning certain chords and strum patterns.

3. Low Action

The action is the distance between the strings and the fretboard. The higher the action, the punchier the sound, but your child will have to press down on the strings harder, which may be difficult at first. Look for a model with low action or adjustable hardware so that your child can raise the action in the future if they want.


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