If you’ve decided to learn how to play the guitar, you may be filled with anticipation. Mastering this string instrument undoubtedly takes time and patience, but the journey is joyful and exciting. Here are a few common questions that you may have as a newcomer before you get started.

A Guide to Learning to Play the Guitar

How long does it take to learn?

Learning how to play the guitar is an ongoing process. Even the most experienced players continue to learn well after they’ve mastered the basics and graduated to expert status. There are different levels of expertise, and you may be satisfied learning how to play a few simple chords in several months. However, if your goal is to emulate some of your favorite industry greats, know that it will take a true commitment. 

Is an electric or acoustic instrument better?


Both electric and acoustic options are six-string instruments, and you can apply the chords that you learn to either one. However, some players might find that it’s easier to handle an electric model. The strings are thinner, which makes it easier to create cords. Thicker strings hold greater tension and are harder for beginners to bend. Acoustic models do offer a greater sense of intimacy; you don’t have to learn about details like amplifiers and elevated volume levels. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference.

How much practice is necessary?

Consistency is more important than the hours you log. While you should aim to practice daily, don’t force yourself to do so if you don’t have time or if you're not focused. Learning to play an instrument requires intense focus, so make time to practice when you can truly separate yourself from the outside world for a while. A half-hour to an hour a day will yield results over time.

What’s the best way to care for it?

Guitars are vulnerable to the effects of weather and other external elements. Therefore, you should avoid temperature extremes that could affect the integrity of the finish. When it’s not in use, it should be kept in a case and stores in a space with regulated humidity levels to prevent body damage. Additionally, you should clean it after you play it to remove traces of debris or body oil that could otherwise accumulate. You can also use a cloth on the surface to polish the body and a string cleaner to wipe down the strings.  


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