Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t always sunny in Hawaii. Instead of snow, Oahu receives rainfall, and the island will get the most rain between November and January. Despite the weather, visitors traveling to this tropical location during the holidays can still enjoy aquatic activities, like scuba diving. If you’re heading beneath the waves, here are a few ways you can stay warm.

How to Conserve Body Heat While Scuba Diving

1. Dress Appropriately Beforehand

Although you may be tempted to wear shorts and a tank top to the water, consider wearing a light jacket and pants to preserve your body heat before donning a wetsuit. Covered garments allow you to maintain a higher body temperature, which will help you stay warm during the beginning of the dive.

2. Don’t Dive too Deep

scuba divingSince water is denser when it’s cold, it’ll sink to the bottom of the ocean. Due to this effect, you’ll get chillier the deeper you dive. Additionally, the sun’s rays lose their warming abilities as you descend into the ocean, so retreat to the surface whenever you’re feeling cold.

3. Cover Your Head

Like the rest of your body, the head also produces heat, so opt for a scuba hood to cover it underwater. This dive accessory will help you maintain a comfortable temperature because it conceals most of the head and neck and some of the face. A hood can also keep you warm because it covers body heat leaks around a wetsuit’s collar.


If you’re traveling to Hawaii for the holidays and want to experience a scuba diving adventure, follow these steps to keep yourself warm as you explore the Pacific’s underwater world. Whether you’re vacationing with children or on a solo excursion, contact the team at Banzai Divers in Honolulu to book an unforgettable experience. These professionals welcome enthusiasts 10 and up, and they escort participants to exciting dive sites that feature lava tubes, coral reefs, and shipwrecks. Learn more about their no-experience dives online, or call (808) 462-8290 to make a reservation.