Casters are used in a wide variety of industries for everything from moving furniture to medical equipment. However, it isn’t always easy to determine which type of caster will be best for your needs, which is why Casters, Wheels and Industrial Handling in Farmingdale, NY, has compiled some facts about their light, medium and heavy-duty casters.

Read on to understand the differences between these three types.

FAQs About Various Casters & Their Uses

How Many Different Types of Casters Are There?

When it comes to casters, they’re usually broken up into three categories, all based upon the amount of weight they can carry. Casters, Wheels and Industrial Handling stocks light casters, medium casters and heavy-duty casters, which all come in different shapes and sizes.

What Is the Best Caster for Carrying Items Between 25-200 Pounds?

If you’re carrying items that weigh less than 200 pounds, Casters, Wheels and Industrial Handling recommends investing in light casters. Such light-duty casters are perfect for moving desks and furniture at home, as well as on dollies for transporting lighter items, such as window displays.

Which Casters Work Well for Items Like Refrigerators or Machinery?

heavy-duty castersFor moving heavier items, like appliances or high-volume washing machines, Casters, Wheels and Industrial Handling carries medium-duty casters designed to handle everything from 200 to 1000 pounds; these casters are ideal for moving equipment in the food and medical industries.  

What if My Load Exceeds 1000 Pounds?

For loads larger than 1000 pounds, Casters, Wheels and Industrial Handling stocks heavy-duty casters designed to withstand nearly anything, from moving modular homes to military defense applications. If you’re in need of a caster that can handle any abuse you throw at it, they also carry cutting-edge, heavy-duty casters from Albion and Bickle® designed to be nearly indestructible.

No matter what weight you’re working with, Casters, Wheels and Industrial Handling can accommodate you. Call them today at (631) 650-0500. You can also visit them online to request a quote for their services.