In any healthcare facility, time is of the essence when it comes to transporting patients and equipment from one place to another. This is possible with the help of professional staff and transport equipment supported by reliable medical casters. But not all casters are made equal, and the ones used in the healthcare industry come with benefits that ordinary casters don’t have.

Why Use Medical Casters in Your Facility

1. Easy to Maneuver

Medical casters are designed specifically to maneuver an array of medical equipment, ranging from IV stands and poles to hospital beds. Depending on the application, casters have different specifications and designs, and are made from various materials such as iron, rubber, and polyurethane. Two-wheeled casters are the easiest to maneuver, allowing you to swivel or pivot in any direction.

2. Boosts Mobility

medical castersAmong the most important benefits of medical casters is mobility. They make it speedy and easy to move items across various terrain. For instance, a gurney with medical casters can be used to transport an injured athlete from a grassy playing field into an ambulance. Casters can also be installed on medical carts to carry equipment across the tiled or carpeted corridors of an emergency center. 

3. Strength and Durability

Different sizes and materials of medical casters can be used to transport various load capacities. The ones installed under medical beds are sturdy enough to hold an extensive range of weights, but smooth enough to roll through the facility. Casters used on IV poles are smaller and more mobile than ones under hospital beds, but they are just as durable.

4. Safety

Medical casters are different from industrial-grade ones because of their safety features. Some casters come with either total or directional locks to prevent them from swiveling while in use. Others are equipped with foot brakes, which are easy to access and engage as needed. There are also high-quality casters made with anti-microbial wheels and static dissipating materials that are ideal in laboratories and highly sanitized areas like operating rooms.

5. Reduced Noise

Amidst the hustle and bustle of healthcare facilities, most patients need a quiet environment while recovering. Quiet mobility is something that quality medical casters can offer. Choose ones that are equipped with precision bearings that provide a smooth, nearly soundless ride.



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