Art is one of the most ancient forms of human communication and a popular pastime. Paint and sip classes offer an ideal opportunity for people of all skill levels to experience the joys of artistic expression with a glass of wine. In addition to a good time, paint and drink sessions provide a host of other benefits.

5 Reasons to Take a Paint & Sip Class

1. Improves Emotional Health

Experts have extolled the benefits of art therapy in relieving various psychological ailments, including stress, depression, and anxiety. Painting classes provide a safe, non-judgmental environment where students can pour their energy into their artwork and let go of their tension. Many students also express their emotions through their work, which is highly therapeutic.

2. Inspires Art Appreciation

Paint and sip instructors make art history accessible and fun. They often discuss the style of artwork they are exploring, as well as the artists who inspired the pieces they’re creating. Students will be encouraged to take part in more arts and culture-related activities, which provide invaluable personal enrichment.

3. Bolsters Self-Confidence

Paint-and-SipMany people are self-conscious about their artistic aptitude and don’t feel they have the skill to create something beautiful. Paint and sip classes disprove this notion by being all-inclusive and designed to be enjoyed by people of all skill levels. Teachers are patient and encouraging, leading students through each step of the process from the first stroke to the last. Students will feel a sense of pride and self-confidence upon completing their pieces.

4. Strengthens Fine Motor Skills

Learning to hold a paintbrush helps regulate hand and wrist movements and stimulates the connection between the brain and muscles. This is particularly helpful for older adults, as well as those who have disorders that impact fine motor skills.

5. Promotes Socialization

Painting while enjoying a glass of wine helps students relax and engage in conversation with other attendees. Those who attend alone often find it easy to make new friends and those who go with friends find participation is a fun way to strengthen their existing connection. Many companies also participate in the paint and sip functions as a group because these are excellent opportunities to facilitate team bonding.


If you’ve ever attended a paint and sip class, you know there’s much more to take away than a beautiful finished product. Whether you’re a repeat paint and sip patron or a prospective first-timer, Painting Hangout is the perfect place to indulge in your next artistic venture in New York City. Give them a call at (646) 590-6504 or visit their website for more information.