Kitchen countertops encounter a lot of messes, so cleaning and disinfecting them regularly is a must for maintaining a safe and healthy kitchen. Now, the coronavirus pandemic has made maintaining a germ-free home even more essential. Whether you have granite, quartz, or butcher block countertops, here are the tips you need to kill germs on your kitchen surfaces.

3 Tips for Keeping Kitchen Countertops Free of Germs

1. Clean First

Before you can kill germs on your countertops, you need to remove any extra dirt, dust, and grime on the surface. These particles can also harbor germs, so go over the surface with a clean cloth or sponge and a solution of warm, soapy water. Additionally, wipe up spills right after they occur so these materials can’t stain or scratch the counters.

2. Add Disinfectant

butcher block countertopsOnce the extra dirt and grime are removed, you can access the surface of your countertops to actually kill germs. For stone like granite and quartz, you can use a diluted bleach solution, as long as the countertops are sealed. Bleach can fade butcher block countertops, so opt for undiluted vinegar instead since it also could kill bacteria and viruses.

3. Let It Sit

Once you apply disinfectant, whether it’s bleach or vinegar, you need to let it sit on the countertops for several minutes so it can kill germs effectively. Avoid wiping it dry right away. Even if you use disinfecting wipes for quick spills or frequently touched surfaces, the surface must remain wet for at least three minutes as it air dries.


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