Most of today’s vehicles come with either a remote or a key fob that gives the driver options for controlling the vehicle even when they’re not inside. These two devices give the driver similar functionality, but they’re two completely separate items. The professional locksmiths at The Key Depot in New Braunfels, TX, understand the inner workings of keys and other access control devices. Below, they explain the differences between these two options.

Remote vs. Key Fob: Locksmiths Share What You Need to Know

Remote Key Includes the Actual Key

access controlIf the device you use to unlock and lock your vehicle remotely is also a key you can use to open the car manually or start the ignition, you have a remote device. This is different from a key fob both because of the physical key and the fact that it’s more difficult to duplicate or replace.

Key Fob Is a Separate Device

On the other hand, a key fob is a separate device you can use to control some parts of your car, but it doesn’t have a key attached to it. In this instance, you can’t use the device to run the vehicle, though you might have remote start functionality to warm up the engine until you get to the car.

When it comes to access control, key fobs and remotes offer similar functionality. However, if yours is broken or missing, it will be difficult to get in your vehicle without damaging it. Fortunately, the locksmiths at The Key Depot will help you get into your car as well as offer rekeying services so you always have a spare on hand. Learn more about the company’s automotive services on their website, or call (830) 629-5397 for more information.