Are you hosting an upcoming party—perhaps for the holidays? If you’re struggling to make a decision between a buffet and plated meals, first consider the event theme, the number of guests, and menu preferences. For large events, it’s often best to choose the route of a buffet, which will appeal to a variety of tastes and go easy on your budget. 

La Grande Buffet in Fairview, NJ, offers sumptuous catering services for private parties and corporate events. And with a diverse, international menu, the only problem your guests will find is deciding which food to try first!

Take a look at why a buffet is better than table service for large parties:

  • Less Expensive: If you’re running on a budget, choose a buffet service. Fewer servers are required, and you can include a wider choice of dishes in your menu. Additionally, you’ll have enough food to feed all your guests—at least twice. No one will leave feeling hungry. 

  • buffet cateringMore Food Choices: With table service, you can only select from a few main dishes. Buffet catering allows you to offer guests a wider variety of food options. You can have as many as three entrees to appease your visitors.

  • Guests Can Socialize: Table service invokes a more formal atmosphere as guests have to remain seated for the whole meal. A buffet allows them to move around and chat with other people, creating a casual and comfortable environment.

  • No Food Limits: While a plated meal has specific portions for each course, buffet service lets each guest eat to their satisfaction. They can easily go for seconds if they enjoy a particular dish.

  • Saves Time: As opposed to table service, which has a pre-set schedule for serving each course, buffets are self-serve. Guests can skip appetizers and begin with entrees if they choose. 

Ready to book buffet catering services for your upcoming party? Choose La Grande Buffet! With a large selection of cuisines and affordable pricing, the restaurant can help turn your next event into a success. Call (201) 945-8880 to discuss your plans, or visit the website to see their menu.