Faith is not fixed and unchanging. It's more like a relationship that you enter into that requires work, commitment, and belief to remain strong and solvent. It's natural for a person's Christian faith to feel stronger at some points and less prominent at others, but you can take steps to strengthen and maintain it.

How to Strengthen Your Faith

1. Practice Seeing God in Everyone & Everything

The pressures of the world and the stresses of work and personal lives can feel overwhelming, and in those moments, you may feel your faith on shaky ground. Throughout the day, in both hectic and more relaxed times, remind yourself that you are a child of God. This will help recenter you and root you more firmly in the promise and salvation of Christian life. Then extend that faithful awareness outward: Try to see others as fellow children of God and everything that transpires as part of a divine plan. Faith is a choice you make from one moment to the next; choose wisely to deepen and nourish it.

2. Dedicate Time to Devotional Practices


Set aside a period each day to dedicate to devotional practice. It doesn't need to be a huge time commitment, but it should be ample opportunity to retreat as much as possible from the workaday world and connect with your belief system. You may want to pray, meditate, or read a passage from a devotional book, website, or app and reflect on it. Do what feels comfortable and what makes you feel inspired and nurtured.

3. Join a Bible Study Group

A Bible study group offers a number of faith-deepening benefits. It brings you closer to the Word of God and gives you a better understanding of the tenets of the Christian faith. It provides the support of a group of like-minded individuals with whom you will share a journey of faith and discovery. It fosters a sense of community, accountability, and connection, all of which help you see God at work in the world.


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