No matter what their age, children love expressing their creativity through arts and crafts is. While these activities are meant to be fun, they can also teach your son or daughter skills they will need for the future. To better illustrate the importance of art as part of their early education, here are four ways that art helps support well-rounded child development.  

How Does Art Impact Child Development?

1. Language

Students will develop a robust vocabulary of colors and shapes as they engage in activities like finger painting and drawing at preschool. Every time they participate in art, they will remember these descriptive terms and strengthen their language memory. You or their teacher might also help them label notable figures from their drawings after their work is complete.

2. Fine Motor Skills

child developmentArt often involves the use of a wide range of handheld tools. Whether young ones are shaping clay or swiping paintbrushes across paper, they will be using their hands in many different ways. This, in turn, can enhance their muscle development. As children get better at manipulating their creative instruments, they will gain greater control over their fine motor skills—including those that help them play, get dressed, and use eating utensils.

3. Spatial Reasoning

Whether their creations are two-dimensional or three-dimensional, children will be able to use art as a way to explore negative and positive space. They’ll also gain a better understanding of how different objects can take up space differently. As this spatial reasoning advances, young minds will have an easier time comprehending distances and measurements, as well as interacting with the objects in their daily lives. 

4. Cognition

There aren’t many rules when it comes to artistic expression. As a result, young creators can experiment with different techniques and styles when they participate in art. Over time, they will learn how specific choices lead to specific results—a process that can help their brain form neural connections. These connections will make it easier for children to use their imaginations and think critically to solve problems.


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