Your wedding is a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life, so each decision, from the ceremony to the wedding reception, should be carefully considered. One of those decisions is whether to invite children to the event. There are benefits and drawbacks to making your occasion adults-only, and reflecting on the ways this can shape your wedding reception and ceremony will help you decide if it’s the ideal choice for you.


wedding receptionNot having children at your wedding can encourage friends and family in attendance to focus on socializing and celebrating with you and with each other. Your guests won’t be worrying about their children or struggling to keep up with them during the wedding reception, plus there are logistical benefits to making your wedding kid-free. You can choose a reception location without the limitation of it being child-friendly—you also reduce the chance of damage to the décor or the venue. If you’re a foodie, having children stay home lets you explore your dream catering menu without needing to have a plain option for the kids. Having a child-free wedding also means less risk of disruptions, especially if you’re planning a longer ceremony.


Asking your guests to leave their children at home could be a sensitive topic for some, so it’s smart to frame it positively, like as a getaway for the parents. Having a kid-free day may also limit who is able to attend your wedding, as not everyone will be able to find or afford childcare. Choosing to have an adults-only wedding may also have the drawback of excluding family members like nieces and nephews who want to be there, especially if the rest of the family is.

How to Plan a Kid-Free Wedding

If you choose an adults-only wedding, you should make it clear well in advance. Including it on the invitations you send out ensures that everyone invited is aware of your request. Be sure to send them at least two months in advance to allow guests time to plan and arrange childcare. Of course, on your big day, you make the rules, so a compromise could be allowing children of your immediate family or the bridal party to attend, but not those of loose friends or acquaintances.


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