One of the milestones couples reach during wedding planning is finally sending out the invitations. These charming announcements provide your guests with all the information they need for attending your ceremony and wedding reception, while also helping you get a headcount prior to the big day. While there are no specific rules when creating a wedding invitation, here are three must-have inclusions.

What to Cover When Sending Wedding Invitations

1. Event Details

Providing accurate and easy-to-understand information in your wedding invitation is vital. Always include your name alongside the date, time, and location of the wedding reception. Offer directions to the site, helping your guests navigate more easily. If you plan on having a multi-day event, a quick schedule of activities is beneficial.

wedding reception2. Suggested Attire

If your wedding has a unique theme, with a specific dress code in mind, notify your guests about the correct etiquette on the invitation. Be clear and direct in your writing, using simple phrases like “formal attire” or “black tie optional.” Or, if you plan your wedding in an outdoor setting with a more casual vibe, notify your guests to dress more comfortably.

3. How & When to RVSP

Add a response card alongside your invitation with a stamped envelope. Have a place in the card for guests to check if they are attending or bringing a plus one. If you plan an a la carte wedding reception, include meal preferences on the card, so they can also select what dinner option they prefer.


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