You want to cherish every aspect of your wedding day. Part of that is being able to look back on it and remember it through photographs. Therefore, it’s wise to have a list prepared of pictures that you want the photographer to take of the ceremony and wedding reception.

Wedding Photo Checklist

Getting Ready

The bridal party and bride share an intimate experience prior to the ceremony. Have a photographer capture the bridesmaids getting ready and helping the bride get dressed or put on makeup.

Request pictures of close moments between the bride and her mother and have the photographer take plenty of B-roll shots of the shoes, dresses, bouquet, and other symbolic articles.

Wedding Ceremony

Ask the photographer to start by taking photos of the wedding venue. They can take more as guests arrive, focusing on VIPs like the bride’s and grooms’ grandparents, in addition to traditional shots of the bridal party and the soon-to-be-wed couple.

wedding receptionTell them to pay attention to small interactions, such as the father hugging the daughter one last time and the bride and groom’s hands touching by the alter. After, mix-and-match family members with the bride and groom for group photos.

Wedding Reception

As with the ceremony, you want photographs of the wedding reception area before and as guests arrive. B-roll of table settings, wine, artwork, and other decorative touches can also be useful for your album. Ask specifically for candid moments to be captured—including the bride and groom dancing, laughing, and interacting with friends. 


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